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MT55 Mini Track Loader

MT55 Mini Track Loader

MT55 Mini Track Loader

Additional items:
Pallet Forks $35
Rear ride on platform $35

The MT55 Mini Track Loader is the perfect loader for anyone looking for a machine to work in small tight spaces. Its ability to handle big jobs (even with its small stature) has mapped t among the best mini loaders in the industry. 

The loader is lightweight, so you don't have to worry about repair and maintenance costs on your surfaces. 

The MT55 Mini Track Loader can tackle big jobs within close quarters using its impressive traction abilities. The designers made it such that it turns quickly on the tracks and treads lightly, even on soft ground. Combine this with powerful lifting abilities, and you have a monster track loader for all your loading needs. 

The MT55 Mini Track Loader has a lot of unique features that make your work easier. Some of the key specifications include

  • 550 lb. rated operating capacity (ISO)
  • The ground pressure of 4.9 psi
  • 71.2 inches height from the hinge pin to the bucket
  • A tipping load of 1610 lb.
  • Operating weight of 2610 lb.
  • 24.8 horsepower
  • Maximum reach level of 18.2 
  • 35.6 inches in width

The loader has unmatched power to help you through your most demanding tasks. They replace manual labor that would have been required to work in tight spaces (where other larger equipment won't fit). This is thanks to their compactness, which allows them to move even through the doors of confined spaces. Transporting them on a trailer is a walk in the park too!

 With a Tier 4 diesel engine and reliable hydraulic systems, the cycle times delivered are faster than the average loader. The break-out force and pushing abilities ensure peak productivity even under extreme conditions. 

Our MT55 Mini Track Loaders have simple operation procedures. The ISO joystick allows easy control and is designed ergonomically for fine-tuned precision. This is advantageous, primarily due to the fact that they are used in tight spaces too! You won't struggle to maneuver even in confined and tight spaces. 

To top it off, MT55 Mini Track Loaders are designed for minimal ground disturbances. Most people like this feature because they will probably operate them on finished and established surfaces. The 4.9 psi can only rise as high as 5.25 psi. This means that you will work with the MT55 Mini Track Loader without worrying about damaging the surface. Better still, the optional wider tracks reduce the ground pressure further, increasing the machine's stability further. 

At CJ Rentals, you are assured of getting a well-functioning and well-maintained MT55 Mini Track Loader at a low price. Additional items rented with the loader include the Pallet Forks and the rear ride-on platform. You can use this for different functions such as

  • Lifting heavy equipment
  • Working in tight spaces
  • Performing handy tasks within your home
  • For construction work

Rent the MT55 Mini Track Loader now and experience Bobcat's impressive lifting design systems at full throttle. 


Specifications and options

Rated operating capacity 550lbs



Optional horsepower

Operating Weight

2,610 lb

Bucket digging force

Maxumum reach at ground level




Tail swing type

Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)

550 lb

Tipping Load

1610 lb


Operating Capacity (50% of Tip)

Transmission Type

Turning Radius


Maximum Dig Depth

Max Lift Capacity
















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