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Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 750 FT LBS

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 750 FT LBS

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 750 FT LBS

Do you have any pending excavation work that needs to be done? Better still, are you looking for a powerful Hydraulic breaker to fit your mini excavator? If yes, CJ Rentals is the right place for you. Hydraulic breakers for E42 and E50 Mini Excavators are available for rent. 

The Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 750 FT LBS is a small class hydraulic breaker used for a wide range of excavation purposes. Even though smaller, they combine power and efficiency to tackle even the hardest demolitions. Fitting almost all mini excavators means that you don't have to worry about finding the right one for your excavator. To make it even better, experts at CJ's can even advise you and recommend the best among the lot. 

These Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breakers 750 FT LBS have incredible power to weight ratio. They handle different tasks such as demolition, recycling, excavation, etc. 

This breaker is the ideal choice for you to rent, especially if the excavation work you are planning to do is within a tight location. The breaker will fit in such sites and tackle even the hardest rocks, stones, and other materials. 

They might be small, but the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breakers, 750 FT-LBS, are built to last. We expect them to come across a lot of possibly damaging force by nature, but their durability cruises past this. All our breakers are made using high-quality materials and passed through all the necessary processes to withstand any impact. 

With a working weight of 750 lbs, these breakers are perfect for both commercial and residential projects. Even though their size limits them from efficiency in the much larger-scale field, its efficiency for small and medium-scale projects is excellent. 

One might wonder, why should I rent a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 750 FT LBS from CJ Rentals? for starters, buying such compact tools and machinery is expensive. With renting, all you have to do is pay for when you are using the device and then return it when not in need anymore. Not convinced yet? Other benefits include:

  • Renting the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 750 FT LBS is suitable for short term projects

There is no need to add compact machinery to your equipment fleet if your project isn't lasting for a long time. You can channel this money to other more important tasks. 

  • It maintains your business' borrowing power.

This only applies to those hiring a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 750 FT LBS for commercial purposes. Rental expenses are not treated as a liability but as an expense on the balance sheet. This only goes on to increase your borrowing power. 

  • It eliminates your storage needs.

You don't have to make additional space for such attachments. Once the project is done, you have to return the breaker to us!


Specifications and options

750 FT LBS
1280 Blows Per Minute
3.0 inch Tool Diameter


Optional horsepower

Operating Weight

Bucket digging force

Maxumum reach at ground level


Tail swing type

Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)

Tipping Load


Operating Capacity (50% of Tip)

Transmission Type

Turning Radius


Maximum Dig Depth

Max Lift Capacity















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