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Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 500 FT LBS

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 500 FT LBS

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 500 FT LBS

You should expect to be slowed down by tough stones and rocks during excavation. However, you can easily maneuver through this by renting the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 500 FT LBS from CJ Rentals. This is a smaller class hydraulic hammer whose efficiency in tackling hard stones is unmatched. 

At CJ Rentals, the available hydraulic breakers are for the E42, E35, and E32 mini excavators. These tools are vital whenever you are working on an excavation site. Even though there are many benefits to these Hydraulic breakers, finding the right one to match your needs is vital. This, however, is not a problem here. Our experts will guide you through and recommend the most suitable one for your excavation project. 

With a 2.8 Inch tool diameter, CJ Rental's hydraulic breakers are highly efficient. Tasks that would take hours to complete will seem like 20-minutes of work. As a result, you will be saving a lot on energy costs. 

Contrary to what most people believe, these hydraulic breakers do not consumer cause your excavator to consume a lot of fuel when excavating. This keeps your project's budget in check. 

One might think, why not just buy a hydraulic breaker? Even though this might be an excellent long-term investment, it is also a costly one. Worse still, you might need a breaker for a limited number of tasks. Do you have to spend all those dollars for just a single task? Why not save money by renting one from CJ Rentals?

Our hydraulic breakers, 500 FT-LBS, are safe to use. Moreover, they can be used for different applications such as

  • Road work
  • In demolition sites to reduce the amount of materials created
  • In mines and quarries
  • In construction sites to recycle materials compiled 

All our hydraulic breakers are top-quality. For example, they have been designed in such a way that reduces deformation when working. They also cannot be easily scratched (less wear and tear). Better still, all our accessories are well taken care of, ensuring that they get the job done with minimum fuss. 

These breakers have an impressive power-to-weight ratio. This makes it easy for you to get your job done quickly, no matter how intense it is. The breakers work pretty well, even within tight spaces and locations. 

In simple terms, these breakers are just big jackhammers. Contact RJ Rentals today for all your hydraulic breaker renting needs. Their quality and prices are unmatched. 


Specifications and options

500 FT LBS

2.8 Inch Tool Diameter


Optional horsepower

Operating Weight

Bucket digging force

Maxumum reach at ground level


Tail swing type

Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)

Tipping Load


Operating Capacity (50% of Tip)

Transmission Type

Turning Radius


Maximum Dig Depth

Max Lift Capacity















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