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Generator 2200 Watt Generac

Generator 2200 Watt Generac
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Generator 2200 Watt Generac

Are you looking to rent a generator that doesn't disturb other people's peace while working with it? If yes, then the Generac 2200 Watt is the ideal option for you. This top-quality portable power source doesn't compromise on power even with the numerous modifications. Available for rent at CJ Rentals, the generator is perfect for all your outdoor living power requirements. 

Many outdoor enthusiasts fancy the Generac portable generator due to the fact that it is parallel-ready. You can connect two generators to increase the amount of electricity being produced. This is a significant selling point, owing to the dire need for a reliable power source producing enough electricity. 

One might wonder, how good is the Generac Generator? Is it worth renting it? To begin with, there are a lot of options out there; there is massive competition in this space. However, the 80 CC 2200W (Running) and 1700W (Starting) generator might be suitable for several reasons. They include

It Functions Quietly, Making It Neighbor-Friendly

It has a fully enclosed design that dramatically reduces the noise produced. This means that you can use it for a broader range of outdoor activities such as getting together with friends or enjoying a cookout. A quiet generator allows you to camp in the woods without disturbing the wildlife. 

TruePower™ Technology

With such technology, the generator provides stable and clean power to be used even for your tools and electronics. This technology is unique to Generac and significantly minimizes any harmonic distortion in the generator. This protects even the gadgets and appliances more sensitive to an inconsistent power supply. 

Economy Mode

You can adjust the engine speed to minimize energy consumption when electricity demand is low, saving you a lot of energy costs.

Enhanced Portability

Generac made this generator with the users' interests in mind. It is lightweight and compact for easy transportation. The size is also small enough not to consume too much of your space when traveling. You can literally take this generator anywhere.

USB Port

Are you worried about additional charging space? Worry no more! The generator has an extra USB port to support your additional power needs. 


All generator outlets are covered to protect the environment. Generac has been in the game since 1959. Over the years, they have built a reputation by providing robust and top-quality power sources for commercial and residential use. Therefore, don’t let your fun be limited by inadequate power. Rent one today and take your open-air festivities to another level! 


Specifications and options


Optional horsepower

Operating Weight

Bucket digging force

Maxumum reach at ground level


Tail swing type

Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)

Tipping Load


Operating Capacity (50% of Tip)

Transmission Type

Turning Radius


Maximum Dig Depth

Max Lift Capacity














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